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Our homestyle set up allows for interactions that are personal. The three-storeyed house is accessible by elevator and includes an atmospheric dining area, a library, and a lounge with board games. The private garden dotted with mango trees has a yoga deck and a massage room overlooking the river. The ghat with its stone platforms is ideal for a dip and for those who prefer warmer waters, a hot tub on the terrace awaits.

The tariffs are generally inclusive of breakfast, teatime snacks and a meal (lunch or dinner). Also available is a small à la carte menu. Our welcoming staff is happy to assist with anything.


At Amrit Bhawan we are trying, in our own small way, to make better choices. Some steps we have taken:.

  • We keep sterilized glass water bottles in rooms instead of plastic ones to reduce wastage. Blessed with high quality ground water, we use UV filtration instead of RO. RO is extremely wasteful and  renders half the water unusable. 

  • Items like vanity kits, toothbrushes, hair dryers, loofahs etc. are all available on request rather than in the rooms, to reduce unnecessary wastage. 

  • We use a Heat Pump instead of geysers which drastically reduces our electricity consumption and gives us hot water around the clock as well. We also use water-saving fittings with aerators.

  • The lush garden has been landscaped with minimal paving, which allows rain water to seep down and replenish ground water. As a bonus, we also get to grow things that can be used in our kitchen. We tend to grow herbs rather than vegetables because these can be used for chutneys which require smaller quantities, making it possible for us to actually avoid buying things like mint, lemongrass and coriander. 

  • We focus on keeping our menus simple and local as much as possible. This helps us explore lesser known but often healthier ingredients like millets and local vegetables that one wouldn’t find on most restaurant menus and also reduces our dependency on Amazon and other online grocery platforms, which in turn reduces packaging waste.

  • We have retained and retrained all our old staff, some of whom have been there for decades, well before we thought of converting Amrit Bhawan into a homestay. Most of our new hires are from the Garhwal region with knowledge of the local food and culture, but are not necessarily trained in hospitality. We have invested in our staff, enrolled them into spoken English classes, provided them with free housing close to the property as well as medical insurance for them and their families. This builds loyalty and trust, and is also a more sustainable way of running a business because it supports the local economy and generates goodwill.

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