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Gift your loved ones the perfect combination of Naashta’s sweeter delights! From peanut butter and panjiri granola for breakfast, to ragi cookies for tea time and a unique mukhwas for after-meal refreshment, this box has it all.

Atta Panjiri Granola (220g)- A delicious mix of whole wheat flour, fox nuts, dry fruits and spices roasted in ghee, slightly sweetened with jaggery, with a lingering scent of camphor and rose petals!

Peanut Butter with Desi Ghee & Jaggery (300g) - This desi peanut butter combines the richness of the nuts with the heartiness of ghee, and the natural sweetness of jaggery. The addition of rock salt elevates the flavour and the peanut skins add fibre. Its a simple and satisfying spread!


Pahadi Ragi Cookies with Desi Ghee & Jaggery (150g) - Made with fingermillet flour, these cookies are a gluten-free treat. The desi ghee and jaggery add depth of flavour along with various micronutrients, and the hint of nutmeg off-sets the richness. These bite-sized cookies are the perfect accompaniment with a cup of coffee or tea. 

Saunf-Til Mukhwas with Sultanas and Flax Seeds (120g) - This mouth-freshner is a combination of traditional ingredients like saunf with healthy seeds like sesame and flax. The mild sweetness comes from sultana raisins (munakkas) and a bit of rock sugar (mishri) which is balanced by the sourness of lemon juice and fortified with the goodness of turmeric and cinnamon.

    Naashta Gift Box

      • No artificial Preservatives
      • Handcrafted in small batches
      • Carefully curated and packaged

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